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In the book that you are holding in your hand, Pastor Moses Onyango will build upon the premise God has a plan far beyond what we are currently experiencing and he will give insights on the how you can find out what it means to live large. He will help you discover what it means to live a large and how expansion will never live your life, ministry, and community the same.

It has been one of my great joys to watch my friend, Pastor Moses become the man of God he is today since I first met him in mission field in 1996. I have seen him develop and resolve to live his life to serve God’s purpose in his generation. His hunger and thirst after God’s heart and his commitment to walk in obedience to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ has brought him to the forefront of what God is doing in Uganda and beyond to advance the Kingdom of God and impact lives of thousands to the glory of God. His teaching is passionate, powerful, practical, effective, and the book “Enlarge the place of your tent” in your hand is no theory but the practical life of the writer.

“This book is timely, inspiring, and challenging. It is a valuable asset for every person who truly and earnestly desires to make a meaningful living and impact in his or her generation.”  We would all do well to heed this message and determine to live our lives in pursuit of God’s                     purpose for our lives.

Therefore, without reservation, I recommend this valuable book to everyone who desire to be more successful and live large in this life.

Bishop Godfrey Mwesige Saazi.

President and Founder: Grace Outreach Ministries International

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