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The women ministry brings together all women from all walks of life. They call themselves, “The women of Destiny”. Women of Excellence is a functional ministry which is focused on equipping and mentoring women of all ages and categories. The women of Destiny have a burning passion to see that women live to fulfil their purpose in God. They touch lives of the working women, Single mothers, Married women and widows with the message of hope and destiny. The excellent women are also actively involved into missions and developmental programs like; tailoring and hand craft. This work is an income generating activity for the excellent women. They host and do different women seminars each year. .

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The women ministry has done a great work in bringing people to Christ through door to door evangelism, through projects like making liquid soap and tailoring where they involve non believers and through the ativity they preach Christ to them and pray together. This has brought a big impact in the lives of the non believers where they have known Christ, they testify of God's goodness, their families have settled and they live a happy life now. Many of them have now joined the ministry and they are now serving in different departments like the singing team, Ushery department, church cleaners and many other duties in church. And they are also doing a great work through preaching to their neighbours, friends and family.


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