-The City Of God-

“....And it shall come to pass that wherever the river flows everything shall live....” Ezekiel 47:9, Revelation 22:1-2

Pr. Moses Onyango

Senior pastor of Rivers of Life Worship Centre Kampala and also the president Rivers of Life Ministries. He has a passion to minister to the hurting hearts, father fathers and equip, train and raise ministers who will fulfil their life-long mission.
Moses Onyango

Inspirational books

The book, “ENLARGE THE PLACE OF YOUR TENT” is written to anyone who wants to live large in this life and in the things he is engaged in doing. It is also written to someone who has been confined in one way or the other and now desires to live an extra-ordinary and meaningful life.

The life of enlargement is God’s will for you as His beloved child. He wants for you to live large in every way; (spiritually, physically, socially, financially, materially, and geographically).


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